Čobanac with three types of meat

Čobanac is traditional meal from Slavonija. It’s name came from word ‘čoban’, which means ‘herdsman’.

Ingredients for Čobanac with three types of meat (for a five liter pot):
  • 300 g of beef
  • 300 g of pork
  • 300 g of turkey or chicken meat
  • 700 g onion
  • 3 garlic cloves
  • 3 carrots
  • 2 parsnip or parsley roots
  • 2 bigger potatoes
  • 2 dcl of tomato sauce
  • egg and flour for dumplings
  • spices: salt, pepper and minced red pepper (hot or sweet)

[su_service title=”Advice:” icon=”icon: thumbs-o-up” align=”right”]You can put any other meat that you like better, instead of this in my recipe.[/su_service]


1. Stew onion and garlic on oil, with grated carrots and parsnip (or persley roots).
2. When all vegetables become soft, add beef (chopped on dices), and saute it around one hour.
3. Then add chopped pork, and also saute a little bit more. At the end, add turkey or chicken meat.
4. When all types of meat are done and soft, add water.
5. Add grated potatoes and stir until the potates get very soft and started to decompose, because it will thicken the meal.
6. Then add tomato sauce and all of the spices.
7. At the end, mix one egg with flour to get firm mixture, and make dumplings adding it with little spoon in Čobanac and cooked it for few more minutes.