10 Best Croatian Christmas Desserts & Cookies

In Croatia, desserts have a special place on the Christmas table. I bring you an overview of the most popular ones, it’s up to you to choose the ones that suit you best (or more than one :))!

1. Honey Cookies / Medenjaci

Traditional cookies made according to the recipe I have got from a local beekeepers. What distinguishes them from other Honey Cookies is one special ingredient – chestnut honey. With this ingredient, these cookies get a special aroma. In my family, the children always take part in making these cookies, which makes them especially happy.
Recipe here…

Extra idea!

If you like Honey Cookies, you can make this cute jars and share your cookies with family and friends.

You can be creative and make unique gift. I’m sure everybody will love them.!
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2. Orange Bundt Cake / Kuglof s narančom

In addition to its excellent taste, this Bundt Cake With Orange looks like a beautiful Christmas decoration.
The recipe is extremely simple, and it goes well with coffee or tea. It will brighten up every holiday table and with its juicy taste and orange aroma it will delight all guests.
Recipe here…

3. Pop In Tomorrow Again Cookies / Dođi i sutra

If you are looking for really old and traditional Croatian cookie recipe, here is something special for you. This old recipe I got from my grandma, whose original recipe was:  ‘as much cream as fat, as much flour as it absorb.’ I wanted to preserve the recipe for future generations, so I wrote the recipe with more details.
Recipe here…

4. Marzipan Cake

If you are a fan of almonds, then this is the cake for you!

Sweet and juicy, this cake will win you over with its special topping made of almonds and chocolate. It’s easy to make, .so it is also suitable for beginners.
Recipe here…

5. Honey Pie / Medena pita

An old-fashioned recipe that I picked up from my grandmother’s notebook. This great honey flavour is coming from crusts which are complemented with sweet vanilla cream.

Recipe here…

6. Chocolate Crinkles / Raspucanci

Choco holiday treat for all chocolate lovers. These little cracked balls are very tasty, but have in mind that the dough should stay in fridge one night before baking.

There are lots version of Crinkles, and all are very popular in Croatia.

Recipe here…

7. Cookies Paprenjaci

Traditional Croatian cookies, often made for Christmas and New Year.

The aromatic taste is given by a combination of walnuts, honey and spices, and as the name suggests, a small dose of pepper is hidden in them.
Recipe here…

8. Grandma’s Apple Pie / Bakina pita od jabuka

Old Apple Pie Recipe which dates back to around 1900 year, with special meringue foam which goes on the top.

You can make great decorations on the top and the meringue looks like a snow cover, so it’s perfect for cold winter nights…
Recipe here…

9. Soft yeast rolls / Kupus kifle

Special soft yeast rolls with a sweet filling – but WITHOUT SUGAR!


10. Triple Pleasure Cake / Trostruki užitak

One special dessert that is well known to all cooks in Croatia. It requires a little knowledge and time, but for Triple Pleasure Cake it all pays off!

It needs to be made the day before, as it has to stay in the fridge overnight to soften the biscuit.